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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Cherry Panettone Trifle - Christmas leftover magic

I love Christmas leftovers.  Nothing is ever wasted.  This dessert is great to share before Christmas but also makes use of delicious leftovers for bring-a-plate days over the New Year gathering festivities.
                                                    Enjoy!  Colleen

                                     Cherry PanettoneTrifle by Feed Your Inner Cook 

Serves                      I made enough for 10 
Prep, construction    15 minutes prep then 10 minutes construction
Cooking                    None but need to allow 8 hours for jelly to set and a few hours at least for trifle to chill and moosh together

Leftover Panettone  - I had about 4-5 inches of the wide round disc left.  Tear into chunks to make 2 layers.
400gm tin (approx) sliced peaches in natural juice - well drained (reserve juice)
a couple of tablespoons Sweet Sherry or Fruit Juice (from peaches) to moisten the panettone
2 jelly packets. I prefer the natural colour type.  Set as directed but use 1/2 cup less water.
Custard - maybe 500 ml (?) I always seem to have leftover Christmas custard
Cherries - lots :  some for middle and a handful for garnish.  remove the Pits for the layered cherries.  A cherry pitter is a great investment if you see one on sale - lasts for years
Whipped Cream - whip with some sifted icing sugar and reserve for topping
flaked almonds for garnish - toasted
few mint leaves - optional

place a layer of panettone in base of glass trifle bowl.  Drizzle with 1/2 the juice/sherry
layer with 1/2 the peach slices, 1/2 the jelly chunks, 1/2 the custard and all the pitted cherries.
Repeat with remaining panettone, juice/sherry, peaches, jelly and custard
Top with the whipped cream
Garnish with reserved cherries, toasted almond flakes and mint leaves.
Allow to chill - preferably overnight
                            Enjoy!  Colleen

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