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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Diner en Blanc Brisbane - Special Report!

Decked out in our sparkling white ensembles, with white chairs, tables and picnic baskets prepared, our group was transported by bus to our mystery location. We were part of the lucky 1,000 who celebrated the First Australian Diner en Blanc - held at Southbank Brisbane near QPAC and the Wheel on Saturday night 1 September 2012. The first Spring Night. This was a community-driven event designed to encourage people to gather with anticipation, meet new friends and combine energies to create a unique, special occasion.

And what an amazing night it was!           

The weather was perfect and the full moon obliged by gleaming silvery white in the clear sky above. We enjoyed great company and chatted with the lovely couples dining nearby.  Everyone entered into the spirit of the evening. There were some very inspirational table settings (I even saw a replica of the Taj Mahal and birdcages filled with flowers) white balloons, white wigs, white top hats and of course white Kayne West sunglasses.

Diner en Blanc's traditions were followed on the night. We brought our provisions and took everything with us when we left.  White napkins were waved skyward to signal the commencement of the festivities and later we released our inner child as we waved lit sparklers to create a twinkling sea of lights.  There were various singers performing during the night and they drew the energetic onto the dance floor.  White art installations and lighting displays were dotted throughout the attendees.  

All too soon, the clock dictated that it was time for us to disappear into the night, like a thousand Cinderellas and Cinderfellas. 
The night would not have been possible without the dedication of so many volunteers.  I would like to thank them for all their efforts because they worked so hard, prior to and during the event, to ensure we had a wonderful evening - it was indeed all white on the night.

And -                (I will post these Recipes soon!)
      Menu    Diner En Blanc     Brisbane 2012

Tart of Goat’s Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes and Fine Herbs
with Snow Pea parcels of Smoked Salmon and Aioli

Main Course
Succulent Chicken Breast with Creamy Garlic Herbs, Toasted Pinenuts and Baby Spinach Leaves rolled in Crisp Prosciutto
Served with Crisp Tossed Greens and sauce of Caramelised onions

Chai Latte Panna Cotta with berries and figs in aromatic spiced syrup with Macadamia crunch

Cheese Platter
Selection of King Island Cheeses, Figs, Strawberries, Decadent Chocolate Truffles and Rosewater Turkish Delight

Coffee or Tea
                           Bon Appetit    - Colleen                       

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  1. sounds like a very special night - lucky you! Thanks for sharing the photos and capturing the magic of the evening in words