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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Anzac Biscuits - for a time to remember and reflect.

My version of the Anzac Biscuit combines Australian cooking tradition with ideas from New Zealander Annabel Langbein. When you return from the Dawn Service and have a cuppa with an Anzac Biscuit on April 25, remember these sweet versions were not the biscuits designed to last in transit that our Soldiers ate.  Over time, cooks have enhanced the humble biscuit  - but the core ingredients remain – Rolled Oats, flour, sugar and golden syrup or treacle and most importantly, thoughts of home.

My belief is that Anzac Day is not about celebration. It is a time to remember those who fought for our country.  On April 25 we reflect on their sacrifice and give thanks for our freedom.  Memories of visiting memorials, especially those in small Australian towns, and also of my travels to Gallipoli and the memorials to those who fought and suffered on both sides of the conflict will remain with me always. 

Lest We Forget. 

Preparation:   15 minutes (allow additional time needed if soaking raisins)
Baking:             15 minutes – approx.   Will depend on your oven

Line 3 flat biscuit trays.  Makes about 36 small or 20 larger biscuits


1 cup Rolled Oats
1 cup Plain Flour - sifted
1 cup Desiccated Coconut
1 cup Brown Sugar
Pinch each of cinnamon and cloves
½ cup raisins          OPTION:   soaked overnight in ½ tablespoon rum
½ cup slivered almonds
2 tablespoons golden syrup  OR   treacle – which will give a slighter darker, less ‘sweet’ taste.
125 gram butter – melted
2 tablespoon water
½ teaspoon Baking Powder


Preheat oven to 160 oC.     Prepare 3 biscuit trays.

Using a large bowl, combine oats, flour, coconut, sugar, spices, nuts and raisins.

TIP: (when the Baking powder is added to butter mix later on, it will froth up a little  - so use a saucepan with enough room for this to double in size for a minute or so)

In the separate saucepan gently heat the butter, water and golden syrup.
Add the Baking powder to the melted butter mixture.  Stir a little.
Add immediately to the prepared dry ingredients and mix thoroughly to combine.

Roll into small balls -  bit smaller than an apricot – and place on prepared trays. 
3 trays should have 12 ball on each, well separated.

Using the back of a fork, gently flatten for a cooked ‘crispier’ more traditional result  OR  just flatten slightly to achieve biscuits that will be a little softer and chewier after baking .
You could vary between trays if you like.  I prefer the flatter crisp traditional biscuit.

Bake until golden.  Approx  15 minutes.  If not golden you may need to rotate trays in your oven.
Should not take more than 18 minutes.   TIP: The biscuits will then harden during cooling .

Remove from oven and cool on trays on raised racks.    NB biscuits harden on cooling.
Once cooled down, remove from tray and allow to rest on cake rack to ensure base is dried off.
Store in an airtight container.  Biscuits should keep for approx. 1 week.

                                             Enjoy.  Colleen

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