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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Pina Colada Ice Cream

The first day of summer demands a summery treat!
We have had so many enquiries about this fabulous tropical ice-cream - so here it is!

Perhaps you don’t like getting caught in the rain … or singing dodgy songs from the 70’s.  But my super-easy version of Nigella’s no-churn recipe will definitely have you ...  smiling - and singing – any time of the day.

I included macadamias, coconut and crushed meringues to help reduce the cream overload per spoonful  – and I also used the lime zest to really add a zing and gorgeous flecks of bright green to the coconut ice-cream -  intensifies those pine-lime summery memories.  This is definitely Adults Only.

This is obviously very rich and creamy – so - I freeze mine in numerous very small freezer proof containers and hide them throughout the freezer (much to Wilbur’s frustration).   You only need to serve a mini portion per person for a really satisfying tropical escape! 

Preparation    15 minutes
Freezing          4 hours minimum.     Best used that week but okay to keep frozen for 1 month, well covered.

The inclusion of the nuts etc helps make this about 1 litre or so, which converts to 8 x 125ml (1/2 cup) serves, so smaller serves are definitely recommended and would go much further -  plus - you have the option of serving it with a tropical fruit platter to extend it even further as well.


600 ml   thickened cream 
Handful  macadamias – finely chopped (but not chopped to dust),  then lightly toasted
Good pinch of   shredded coconut – lightly toasted   (can do more and reserve for presentation if desired)
125 ml   pineapple juice – good Aussie carton brand is fine
80 ml    Mailbu  (white coconut rum)  or the cheaper version is fine too
Few drops   Natural Coconut essence   (Plus  -  may need to add a drop more at the end)
Zest of  1 lime   – very finely zested
3 teaspoons   lime juice   (Plus  -  may need to add a drop more at the end)
50  -  75 gram   icing sugar  - sifted   
(start with 50 gram – the meringues also add a sugary hit. You can add a little more at end if you want)
90 gram   mini meringue nests – very finely crushed.  


Toasting -  in a small non-stick pan, lightly toast the chopped nuts. Remove and allow to cool.  
Repeat with the shredded coconut  separately –  remain at the stove and stir well, only takes a couple of minutes.  Both will catch and overbrown quickly, if not watched.

In a jug (helps for pouring later) mix the juice, rum, essence, lime juice and zest.
Whisk in the sifted icing sugar (50 gram to start) and mix well to combine.

Using a stand mixer or hand-beater and a large bowl  –  whisk the thickened cream until soft peaks form.

Whisking gently – add the jug of juice mixture gradually.  Do not over-whisk.

Gently fold in   (don’t whisk)   the coconut, macadamias and crushed meringues.  Stir gently.

Taste and check it has a good coconutty / lime / sugar / creamy balance.  Adjust if needed and just stir through.

Pour into airtight, freezer-proof containers with tight  fitting lids.
Freeze minimum 4 hours.         

                                                        Enjoy!   Colleen                 

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