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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Rice Pudding Creamy and Delicious

Rice Pudding reminds me of English dinners, my Grandmothers and holiday comfort cooking.

Rice Pudding :   recipe from    Feed Your Inner Cook
Holidays often mean a fridge full of leftovers.  Excess milk can be tricky to use up easily.  

This recipe is excellent when the milk is still fine but nearing it's 'use-by' date.  
I particularly like adding a touch of ground Cardamom when the rice is almost cooked instead of the traditional nutmeg or cinnamon.  Cardamom is often called the Queen of Spices with a subtle camphor, bayleaf, minty peppery aroma.  Deliciously different.  A little pinch transforms this pudding from comfort food to exotic. Plus, it will keep for a few days once refrigerated.

Preparation                  5 minutes
Cooking               20 - 30 minutes - needs regular stirring whilst on stovetop.  

Ingredients      I have included measures for small and large sizes.

                                   Small                                   Double
Rice                              5 tablespoons (1/2 cup)       1 cup
Boiling water             1/2 cup                                    1 cup
Milk                              3 cups                                  6 cups
Sugar                          3  tablespoons                      6 tablespoons
Vanilla extract           1/2 teaspoon                           1 teaspoon
Cinnamon or nutmeg      pinch                              1/2 teaspoon

Cardamom ground         pinch                              1/4 teaspoon   Increase to your taste
Place rice in a large saucepan.
Cover with the boiling water and simmer rapidly until water almost evaporates.  
Stir constantly and watch it carefully. Do not boil dry. 
Slowly add the milk and stir well.
Bring to a slow boil.  Stir constantly and keep an eye on it as likely to boil over.
Reduce to a simmer.  Stir regularly.  Remove any 'skin' that forms.
Add the sugar, vanilla and cinnamon or nutmeg  OR cardamom
Stir and slowly simmer until thick and rice is cooked.  Taste to check rice is soft.
simmer until desired consistency, spoonable, but not too runny.
Allow to cool slightly and serve.

variations:   lovely served with stewed apples or prunes 

Rice Pudding:  Recipe from     Feed Your Inner Cook

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Enjoy!  Colleen

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