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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Panettone, Limoncello and Blueberry Trifle - It's Too DUANE Good!!!

Now, this is a SUPER BOWL - filled to the brim with luscious Limoncello soaked Panettone and berry trifle .. my thanks to Wilbur for fighting off the hordes of barefoot partygoers and taking this photo ... despite Duane reaching in with "his" spoon!!  The flavours are lemony light and summery and the panettone adds great texture and a perfect change from the usual sponge - yes it is laden with yummy calories but .... mmmmmm - and apparently it is even better the next morning .. for breakfast!

PS This is for you Duane - Cheers!

Time:  First prepare the jelly.
            Allow at least one hour to prepare all ingredients and layer into bowl. 

Best made the day before serving 

Ingredients - this is a general guide and will depend upon your dish size.  I made a BIG bowl.

Essentially you are creating layers of custard, cake, fruit with jelly then nuts and cream and repeating until bowl is full.  Extras can make a spare dessert for another day as it will keep refrigerated for a few days.  Good luck hiding it in the fridge.

Panettone - a large boxed cake is usually 800gram - 1 kg.  Lightly remove crust (can leave on if you forget, but remove the burnt bottom) and slice approx 2cm thick

Limoncello - avoid brands that have a rough aftertaste.  (I have used various including Villa Massa and Lemon Z.)  A little goes a long way

Custard - either make it yourself or fine to buy a good quality brand (approx 1 kg) 

Cream - the thick dollop type   - approx 600 ml

Peaches - 800/850 gram tin of quality Australian tinned peaches well drained

Nuts - I used a couple of handfuls of chopped macadamias.  Or use flaked almonds

Jelly - I made up 2 x 85gram packets of natural Lemon jelly with a little less water than suggested.  Or you could make your own from scratch to enhance the flavour.  Allow to set in fridge prior to using. 

Lemon Zest - I used very fine zest of 2 lemons

Blueberries - I used 2 x 125 gram punnets

Raspberries  - 1 x 125 gram punnet

Mint leaves -  a very small handful to decorate top just prior to serving.  This really adds a 'fresh zing'

Silver Cachous and Icing Sugar to decorate top just prior to serving


Make the jelly and chill preferably for 4 hours minimum to set. When set cut into small chunks for easy layering

Drain the peaches, chop the nuts and clean the berries.

Have large glass bowl (you'll want to show off those layers!!) and ingredients to hand.


Spoon a small amount of custard in base of bowl.

Remove crust from panettone and slice horizontally.  Place 1 slice on a large dinner plate and drizzle a small amount of Limoncello using a spoon.  You want it to be a little moist but not soaking. Do one slice at a time.

Place panettone slice over the custard.

Cover with a little more custard, then the peach slices, some of the jelly, blueberries, a scattering of nuts and zest and small dollops of cream.

Repeat the layers until bowl is almost full.

For the topping,  cover with cream. Dot with a few spoonfuls of custard.
Refrigerate overnight.
Just prior to serving
Decorate with raspberries, the remaining blueberries, a few nuts, lemon zest, small mint leaves and if desired, a few silver cachous and a final dusting of icing sugar.

Serve with bowls of the remaining custard and cream.

Serve ... then ....    Stand back !!!

I have also served this using strawberries and took a raspberry blueberry version to Diner en Blanc in small individual jars for easy transporting and serving - All are delicious!!


  Enjoy!  Colleen !  

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