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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Jam Pantry : Greenslopes greets this Gourmand’s Gem with Gusto.

Sometimes you wish upon a star or send your thoughts towards the galaxy and the answer is … Yes!   Dreams do come true!  and The Jam Pantry opens up around the corner from your home! 

We have become serious repeat offenders since being the second couple through the door on opening day and regularly join family and friends who are now “Jam Pantry” devotees too.
Generosity and gregariousness are the hallmarks of a visit to The Jam Pantry. Nims and Gideon have thoughtfully created a welcoming and enticing spot where the menu is driven by fresh seasonal produce that encompasses all of our well-loved brunch options together with new and intriguing temptations. The team's retro-inspired aprons add a burst of colour and whimsy echoing the most gorgeous floral wallpaper feature wall.  But wait til you taste the food! 

The bewitching shining stars on The Jam Pantry menu are the delectable offerings that showcase Nims' skilful pairings of jams and chutneys with ingredients you may not have previously considered. Nims creates an ever-changing variety of jams and chutneys right here in her kitchen. And we are very happy that she does!
The regular menu includes various egg and avocado offerings plus the ‘must try’ Nims Eggs and The Whole Pantry.  Both of these selections are delicious and servings are very satisfying even for the heartiest of appetites. Ingredients change slightly depending on which chutney Nims has whipped up in the kitchen and every combination we have tried so far is a winner.

But now  ...  Look at the wall. ....  Decisions.  Decisions.

The chalkboard changes regularly ‘When the Board Flips’.  This is where Nims’ magic with seasonal produce is evident.  If carrots are fabulous they are featured in the fritters.  Perhaps Nims has whipped up some terrific tomato jam to be served with decadent French Toast and Bacon. When corn is crunchy it transforms an omelette.  The only way I know to solve the menu selection dilemma is multiple visits – but then ‘the Board Flips’ – so there are more tempting options to consider.  Aaah!

Whatever tantalizing selection we have decided upon has consistently tasted amazing.  The generous servings are so filling! ... No lunch required after breakfast here!

Gideon makes great coffee and I should warn you, the cappuccino has a very generous sprinkle of real chocolate chunks.  Teas and smoothies have also been tasted and are recommended.  The service team are cheerful, helpful and with so much on offer, keen to advise if you have any menu queries. 

PLUS Be sure to take home some of Nims’ chutneys and jams – it is difficult to choose but I love the banana chutney.  They also stock “Blend Smoked Honey” which is great to try at home as a glaze or in meat dishes. Yum!

Sometimes you may need to wait as the Jam Pantry is justifiably busy – but I guarantee you will be glad you did as the food and service are truly ‘worth it’.
And yes, tomorrow morning I am strolling along to The Jam Pantry – again – to meet a friend from the bayside for brunch … true!

I am not a Critic or reviewer. I did not receive any payment for this opinion post. But I do want to share my thoughts on a local business where happy folks work hard and deliver great food and service.  I love it, my family and friends (and their friends and their friends) love it – and I hope you will too!

For more info and opening times 

thejampantry.com.au                    facebook.com/jampantry 

and  also                                 www.blendsmokedhoney.com

                                                 Enjoy!    Colleen

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